Chris Hamilton for Newark City Council

District 4

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Dear Neighbors,

I love Newark. We live in a wonderful community with a rich and diverse group of talented people from all over the country and the world. Let us build partnerships to make forward-thinking, long-term changes that will benefit a wide range of people and improve the quality of life for everyone in Newark. We need to forge an identity for our town, one that encourages local businesses, more open space, and a large variety of housing, including affordable options and opportunities for the elderly.

Please vote for me and join me in the effort to give the people of Newark a voice in our town.

[Chris and his family]

Thank you for your support!

Chris Hamilton

Born and raised in Delaware

UD alumnus

Active in our community for nearly 20 years

Served on Newark's Planning Commission

Elected president of Oaklands Pool for 4 years

Elected vice-president for my son's school's PTA

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